Douglas Fir is universally recognized by architects, engineers, and timber framers as the preferred choice for use in structural timber applications such as pergolas or pavilions. The benefits of Douglas Fir include:

  • In strength, Douglas Fir rates the highest of any western softwood. The greater density found in fir is easily recognized in its weight which can be up to 40% greater than cedar by example. This added strength allows us to free span greater distances between the posts of your garden structure.
  • The greater density of Douglas Fir also means it’s less likely to warp or crack when compared to other softwoods commonly used in pergola or pavilion construction.
  • If a timber includes the heart or the bullseye of the tree it becomes more subject to cracking. Avoiding that bullseye when using large timbers becomes more difficult and costly. However, the size of a Douglas Fir tree makes it possible to more easily source higher quality huge timbers, up to 60’ long while avoiding the bullseye. At Cover Timberworks we use only #1 Appearance Grade FOHC (Free of Heart Center) Coastal Douglas Fir in the construction of all of our timber frame garden structures.
  • The beautiful grain pattern and it’s superior ability to hold paint and stain finishes make Douglas Fir the preferred choice for all outdoor living projects.
  • Douglas fir is one of the most abundant wood species in North America, making it the environmentally friendly choice and among the reasons why it’s the most popular choice of wood in Timber Framing.

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