A pergola for dining under the sun, moon and stars. A pavilion that frames a lush outdoor living space. A combination perfect for entertaining. Beautiful, high-quality outdoor and garden structures like these create the focal point for outdoor living pleasures and are the first step to redesigning your backyard.

COVER Timberwork’s pre-engineered, pre-fabricated structures are built with exacting attention to detail, the finest quality materials and Old World craftsmanship. They come to life through our innovative, computer-aided approach to construction. By using precise, off-site pre-fabrication, our team is able to create and install structures to exact specifications in a fraction of the time of other builders.


A pergola consists of an open frame with distinctive architectural appeal. While they provide some shade cover and sun protection, they still allow for a view of the sky. A pergola is the best choice for creating a sense of enclosure without sacrificing the connection to the outdoors. COVER offers two pergola styles with differing aesthetic – one that features a raftered roof with decorative details and one with clean architectural lines.


For full protection from the sun without blocking the breeze, the solid roof of a pavilion and open sides make it the ideal choice for entertaining. With more than eight distinctive designs, COVER Timberworks’ pavilions look perfectly at home in any style of yard or landscape.


Can’t decide between a pergola and a pavilion? With our hybrid designs, you don’t have to. Pergola and pavilion designs can be combined to create designs that embrace the best of both structures.


In addition, our modular design system offers choices of size, timber, stains, decorative profile and more at menu pricing. The end result is a structure that is unique to each homeowner and one that transforms their backyard into their outdoor dreamscape.


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