CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, refers to a manufacturing process whereupon a pre-programmed computer automatically controls the associated machining tools. Created over time during the 1940s and 1950s, CNC machining is used in a variety of complex machinery today, including grinders, lathes, mills, routers, and saw systems. With phenomenal speed and computer controlled procession, there are numerous advantages a CNC machine provides to our artisans.  Our CNC machine produces timbers that precisely match their computer-aided design. This means your timbers are not simply custom fabricated for your structure, but that they are perfectly manufactured for it and it alone.

It’s important to note that while CNC machinery and modern day power tools offer significant advantages to homeowners, these modern inventions do not replace our skilled selection of installers. Our craftsmen still use century’s old techniques and hand tools to complete your timbers’ last details. Each timber is beautifully finished by chiseling out the remains, sanding down the edges for a smooth finish and to open up the pores of the lumber to accept 1 of 5 proprietary stain options. 

At Cover Timberworks, “We’ve got your outdoor lifestyle covered.” 

Advantages of CNC Timber Framing:

  • ADAPTABLE – Our modular design solutions make incorporating a structure into your project an easy task.  Built to any dimension, with two sizes of timber packages, seven decorative rafter tails, three knee braces, and any roofing system.
  • A BETTER VALUE – With higher quality materials and industry-leading craftsmanship, relative shade structures usually cost 50 to 100 percent more than the typical rough cedar, butt jointed, toe nailed structure. However, with the help of CNC technology, our structures often provide little-to-no additional cost, due in large part to volume (we buy timber by the train car load) and our advanced saw system.  Like for like, our retail price is less than the structures at home improvement retailers or what a carpenter or framer can build it for, even with a contractor discount on building supplies.
  • TIDY – Pre-cut lumber means clean job sites with littlie-to-no onsite cutting.
  • SPEEDY – Our on-site assembly is fast! A typical stained pergola can be installed within 4 or 5 hours.
  • TIME-HONORED – Our designs incorporate Old World joinery, including mortise & tenon, dovetails, fully housed knee braces, and noticed and house rafters. These ancient and artful methods create a stronger structure, unique design elements, and allow for hidden hardware.
  • SMOOTH – Thanks to our 4-sided planer, we are able to mill a smooth lumber for a more high-end, furniture-like quality.